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How Vimax Volume works

Vimax Volume™ is based on the latest research, naturopathic methods and modern technologies that have given the medical community a unique opportunity to treat sexual disorders, boost reproductive systems and restore the most pleasurable sensations during orgasm.

Vimax Volume™ is 100% Natural and is the 100% guaranteed to enhance your fertility. Vimax Volume™ is designed to make your body produce more semen, this leads to longer lasting orgasms and a boost to your overall feeling of virility.

The amount you ejaculate is a key ingredient in the satisfaction of sex for both of you.

Vimax Volume™ is the safest and most reliable way to boost your ejaculation, now available to buy in the UK with FREE Delivery and

  • No Prescription
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But how does Vimax Volume™ work to give you such amazing results?

sperm race

Why does the volume of the sperm affect an orgasm in such magnificent ways?

How does it make ejaculation more powerful and pleasant?

To understand what happens, you need to understand what happens to your reproductive organs during an orgasm.

The extremely pleasurable, knee trembling sensations that occur when you ejaculate, do so because all of the muscles in your reproductive system contract simultaneously and intensely, more intensely than at any other time of life, regardless if your activity.

When you orgasm a series of contractions in not only the ejaculatory ducts, but also in the perineum (area between the base of the penis and the anus – internally described as the male G or ‘P’ spot), and combined this mighty force pushes the semen from the testes and out of the penis in a series of all-mighty pumping motions.

Because this effect is designed to unload the maximum amount of semen, the more semen you have to ejaculate, the longer the contractions occur – and the longer they occur for the more knee trembling the orgasm is.

Have you ever wondered why when you haven’t ejaculated for some time the orgasm is always more intense – and if you ejaculate more frequently then the pleasure is less – well the reason is here, the more semen you have to shoot, the more effort it takes you body to deliver.

Vimax Volume works to help you produce up to 500% more load, it doesn’t matter if you ejaculate more often, there will be plenty more to go around and you really can ejaculate over and over again, just like a pornstar.